Attunga, glittering with a myriad of artificial lights, floated serenely in the depth of the asteroid belt, its great bulk abuzz with hundreds of millions of human beings. Amongst them, three young friends met at a transport terminal to plan their day.

‘You’re a galah head, Thom. You’re just giving me a hard time because I was fastest.’

The boys loved exploring and with over a thousand residential floors from top to bottom there was always something new to find. This morning they’d left their student cubicles on the one hundred and eighty fifth floor of their home sector to travel  to  the very edge  of their space city and ebony featured Wirrin had just won a game they played whenever they set off: who could travel the multiple pathways of the transport system in the shortest time.

‘Not a galah head. That first plan would’ve taken you into space.’

They were all grinning, Thom because he’d caught Wirrin out, Wirrin because he’d been caught out, and Calen because he was bubbling with anticipation.



The book falls into the sci-fi category and is absolutely teen approachable.

A simple joy for adults to read too.

Teen- Adult, makes no difference if you’re a reader who can let your imagination roam and experience the joy of new discoveries- dangerous situations, space habitats and sentient beings other than human – right along with Calen, Thom, Wirrin and a surprising non-human from our very own Earth.

A great read and a pretty darn good push toward creating an interest in natural Australia.

Highly recommended!


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