“Uncle Burrimul, it is wrong! You’ll have to stop them.”

“We’ll try, Woorawa, but according to their representative they have government backing. The minerals they plan to extract are so rare and important for technological development they take whatever priority they need.”

Woorawa, brimming with outrage, turned to his four friends.

“It is not fair! The Valley of the Eagles is one of our special places and they’ll just take it over as if we don’t count.”

“It is a lot more than the Valley of the Eagles, Woorawa. The area they they have surveyed is gigantic and includes the place where I picked you up.”

Woorawa’s outrage transformed to a look of utter disbelief and then to several moments of fierce concentration. Four heads nodded in concentration.

“Uncle Burrimul, we’re not going to let them do this.”

Burrimul recognised the five way communication as an instance of the amazing mind talk he’d experienced himself the previous day.

“Many of our people will be with you, Woorawa, but our only real hope is for limited concessions.”

“Many? Why not everyone?”

“Talk of royalties has made a sudden appearance along with the idea that accepting them is being realistic in an unwinnable situation.”

“Is it unwinnable?”

A hint of bitterness showed through.

“With the alignment of a mining Corporation and the National Government against us? Yes!”