A new venture.

A small print-run of Widderkin in hardcover format has arrived.

A limited number of copies of this special edition are available, either through this site, or through the Croydon franchise of Collins Booksellers in Melbourne, Australia, who have given positive support to Diaspora Press publishings.

Check the purchases page.

Widderkin News.

As well as Amazon, Widderkin is now available through IngramSpark in paperback and Ebook versions.

It’s my understanding that this means that from practically anywhere in the world you can ask your local bookshop to order a copy for you.

Widderkin on Amazon

Yes, Widderkin is available on Amazon as a paperback, and now in Ebook form for Kindle. Just click on the Amazon link in the ‘Purchases’ page to have your very own copy. 🙂

My Aussie print run arrived – to be more exact, I drove to pick it up myself when I found the warehouse where it was languishing. This gives limited availability in the Collins Bookshop in Croydon and the Verso Bookshop in Healesville.

A new venture – publishing with IngramSpark – will, hopefully, give wider availability in the next few days.

My thanks go to Luke, of WorkingType for battling against his busy workload to match the file specifications needed for upload with Amazon and IngramSpark.

Luke has designed the covers, typeset and helped with the publishing of all three of my novels and I recommend him to any author looking for help with self publishing. His website www.workingtype.com.au has a wealth of resources and guidelines.

Covid delay.

I can’t really blame the transport company because the supply of drivers has hit them so hard but it’s frustrating to discover that my Aussie print run has been sitting in a wharehouse for five days. Hopefully there will be some movement when the weekend is over. So close!!

At Last.

Finally Widderkin is available POD on Amazon (USA and UK) as a paperback. The Kindle edition will follow in several weeks when my book designer/facilitator returns from his seasonal break.

I have the proof copy from my Aussie printer in hand and the print run is imminent (Yay!)

I plan to try IngramSpark as an alternate source for Print On Demand, to provide better access, and I’ll post a notice here as soon as that happens.

My book designer describes the book as a ‘doorstopper’ and with over 700 pages at 6 by 9 format it’s an apt description.

There is a link on the ‘Purchases’ page which will take you to Amazon for more details and the option to purchase.

Publishing news – Widderkin.

The train of action for publishing has taken to the tracks. The professional editor who so impressed me with her work on Mparntwe is taking on the job of copy editing the Widderkin manuscript and will be able to start in the new year.

The current manuscript will be presented as a series of three novels and I’m busy working on a follow on manuscript for a fourth.


Widderkin, currently undergoing preparation for publishing, is the title of my first novel in a fantasy series. It is set in Australia and the Realms of Faerie and tells the story of a young elf banished to the Human World. The sequel is progressing, slowly, and an occasional snippet will be presented in the Widderkin page. Happy Reading!

Mountain Views Mail.


Newspaper article about the second Diaspora novel. Dated – Tues 6 March 2018

Mparntwe, the new book from Healesville Author Peter Wood.

Story of sci-fi adventures

By Derek Schlennstedt

Healesville resident and freelance Author Peter Wood has followed up his book Attunga with a prequel called Mparntwe.

The book predates Attunga by 100 years and Peter said that while there are small references to his previous book anyone is able to read and understand it.

The aptly called Mparntwe, aboriginal for Alice Springs is set in Central Australia and follows two protagonists, Jarra and Mirrigan, both who have disabilities that complement one another.

“It’s a mainstream sci-fi adventure story … The basic story behind it is how the very first independent AI comes into being,” said Peter.

“There is a disability theme which is very different to the first book. It’s very positive and gentle, because Jarra has a brilliant mind but his body is very limited, but Mirrigan is exactly the opposite to him.”

Mparntwe describes how these two young friends change the world for the better with their involvement in the development of the first benevolent Artificial Intelligence.

In the book there is a gentle treatment of disability involving both the characters, Jarra and Mirrigan, and as per his last book Peter draws on his vast experience of travelling Australia.

Many of the boys adventures are based in distinctly Australian settings – the outback near Alice Springs, and the Grampians range in Western Victoria.

The heart-warming tale follows the two boy’s adventures as they face hostile forces of power and greed who want to control the first artificial intelligence, who both of the boys befriend.

Together said Peter they will influence events which will ‘change the world’. To find out more about the book visit https://diasporatales.net/