Back cover.

The basic cover design and text is now finished and as soon as the catalogue information arrives from the National Library the book will be ready for typesetting.

I’ve added the back cover, which just arrived, under the front cover pic.

Thanks again to Luke of Working Type Studio for this design and all his help.

After the typesetting the next step is printing. Yay! Publishing is getting close.

A new milestone.

Displayed above is the almost finished cover and spine for the novel.

All thanks go to Luke of Working Type Studio

 for the design and clever representation of the three main story elements; humans, dolphins and technology (AIs).

My own idea of what the cover might look like was very different and  the first sight of Luke’s concept was quite a surprise.

One look and you know this is a science fiction story.

One look and you have the feeling there will be action and drama.

One look and you know that dolphins are important.

An exciting development.

Today I have been in contact with a graphic designer and a cover for ‘Attunga’ is now in the works. The artist has had experience in the scifi and fantasy area and after our conversation I’m anticipating a great outcome in the next two to four weeks.

Quick update.

At the moment the Attunga novel has been edited and is in the process of final proofing.

The proofer says it should be finished in the next few days.

After that the book cover needs to be designed before the book can be printed.