A new outlet.

Right in the middle of Healesville and next to the town Post Office is the Judith Eardly Save Wildlife Centre and the kind people there have taken it on themselves to be an outlet.

Drop in to get your very own copy of Attunga, browse through all the other books and goods on sale there  and know that you are also helping wildlife.

Attunga Glossary

I’ve had a few questions about the character names in Attunga and Mparntwe and I’d like to point out that none of them are made up words. The main characters have been given real First Australian names which have their own special meaning. In some cases the meaning matches their place in the story.

For anyone interested I’ve inserted a glossary as a sub-heading for the Attunga page.

A day at the market.

Once a month in my hometown there is a trash and treasure market so I presented Attunga to see if there might be some interest.

Hoping for 9 or 10 sales – I didn’t expect much because how many trash and treasure hunters are likely to be looking for a scifi novel – I was delighted that 17 signed books went out. AND one was stolen!  lol a bit of a back-handed compliment.

If that many people from just one town are interested I might have to rethink my reluctance to chase publicity. 🙂

My mistake!

My misunderstanding.

I was delighted to see a great review on Amazon and invited Attunga readers to make more. Little did I realise that Amazon requires any reviewers to have spent at least $50 on the site before reviews are eligible to them.

Lol – $50 a review is quite an unreasonable ask. No wonder I didn’t get any takers.

An alternative, which I think will help, is to make a review on Goodreads. https://www.goodreads.com/

It’s free to join and seems to be quite interesting in its own right.

For a while I was under the misunderstanding that reviews on Goodreads showed up on Amazon but that’s not so. (I was tricked because the exact same review on Amazon was also the first for Attunga on Goodreads.)