This morning I had that special moment of holding the first physical  copy of MPARNTWE in my hands. 🙂

BUT! HOW’S THIS FOR SPECIAL TREATMENT!  – There was a hiccup in production and completion took longer than expected so the partners of TENDERPRINT took it on themselves to hand deliver the proof. This involved an early start and a drive of over an hour and a half from Geelong and right across Melbourne and then the same to return.

I call that ‘going the extra mile’. – thank you TENDERPRINT.

And, the book looks GREAT! – thank you again TENDERPRINT.

Ahead of me is the last check through of the proof copy and then printing will be able to go ahead for the Australian version.



P.S. For any Australian authors who might be looking for a Printer with great service, price and quality, I suggest checking out TENDERPRINT at:




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