Widderkin on Amazon

Yes, Widderkin is available on Amazon as a paperback, and now in Ebook form for Kindle. Just click on the Amazon link in the ‘Purchases’ page to have your very own copy. 🙂

My Aussie print run arrived – to be more exact, I drove to pick it up myself when I found the warehouse where it was languishing. This gives limited availability in the Collins Bookshop in Croydon and the Verso Bookshop in Healesville.

A new venture – publishing with IngramSpark – will, hopefully, give wider availability in the next few days.

My thanks go to Luke, of WorkingType for battling against his busy workload to match the file specifications needed for upload with Amazon and IngramSpark.

Luke has designed the covers, typeset and helped with the publishing of all three of my novels and I recommend him to any author looking for help with self publishing. His website www.workingtype.com.au has a wealth of resources and guidelines.

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